“Gluten Free” Won’t Make You Faster!

Photo cred: Pia McDonell of McDonell Media

For those without diagnosed celiac disease, going gluten-free is not exactly the most healthy decision. Yes, this statement is supported by research, even though most “gluten-free-ers” refuse to believe it. Fad diets, like this one, can become so engrained for some, they are akin to adhering to religious or political beliefs.

truPhys has written about this interesting trend before – the mass uprising of wheat elimination within western diets, a social finger blaming gluten for depression, indigestion and an array of other bodily symptoms. But, science is now catching up, and it is finding that the bandwagon isn’t exactly founded on fact. Books like Wheat Belly and Grain Brain, however convincing, aren’t helping the issue.

Furthermore, the athletic population follows a gluten-free diet nearly 50% of the time. Of course, I wanted to look into why, and what did I conclude? Gluten-free diets won’t improve your performance, make you ride faster or increase your power. Check out my article on Singletracks.com. Enjoy (and don’t hate – we are just delivering the message!)

“Gluten-Free” Won’t Make You Faster!


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