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Jennifer (Jenny) L. Corso, MA, Science Whiz
Jenny Corso

Jennifer (Jenny) is a research scientist and biochemical exercise physiologist, licensed USA Cycling coach, the founder of truPhys.com, and lover of all things mountain biking.  With a solid promise not to bore, her mission is dedicated to delivering the most current, peer-reviewed and evidence-based information to anyone that is curious about their health and training… not just coaches and athletes. With a soundly constructed bridge of communication, education can transform life.

Currently, Jenny is the full-time Director of Scientific Research for Level One Labs, a premier analytical testing laboratory in Arizona. Known for their quality, robust science, Level One Labs proves to be a leader in ethics and proprietary analytical techniques within the state’s cannabis industry. Formerly, she held the position of Lead Scientist in Research and Development for Banyan Scientific LLC and Darwin Brands, a company specializing in the development of intellectual property and proprietary scientific/pharmacological methods within the realm of cannabis science.

Since entering the medical cannabis industry in 2017, she has been diligently involved in the rule-making process for the Arizona Department of Health Services Medical Marijuana Program testing regulations. She’s presented research and spoken at various conferences and events, including the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, the Southwest Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, US Cannabis Conference 2018, as well as MITA-AZ and Women Grow Phoenix.

Attending an Arizona MITA meeting with Conner Griffeth, COO and Co-Founder of Level One Labs in Scottsdale, AZ.

Through thorough research and authorship, Jenny has constructed her career around research and development, education and coaching, never failing to push the boundaries of scientific exploration.  In 2007, after earning a BA in Journalism and English from the University of Cincinnati, she proceeded to complete a rewarding, eight-year stint as an Officer in the US Army in the Corps of Engineers and Explosive Ordnance Disposal.

NAVSCOLEOD Graduation, Class 11-100, July 2011.

Following, Jenny completed a Master’s degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology), with a focus in biochemical substrate metabolism. Upon graduating with distinction, she was honored with several awards, to include the 2015 Outstanding Kinesiology Thesis, and an Academic Excellence Award, both presented by the Department of Graduate Studies.

She continued her graduate education at Arizona State University and a PhD student, and gained concurrent, valuable hands-on experience conducting cardiac dysrhythmia diagnostics at Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital.  She has consulted and coached the likes of many athletes, and is grateful to have worked with professional mountain bikers such as Construction Zone (CZ) Racing and three-time North American Enduro Champion, Kyle Warner.

Her research interests include:

  • Sex differences in exercise metabolism and substrate selection
  • Effects of hypoxia on systems physiology and mitochondrial adaptation with regard to sex differences
  • Mitochondrial biochemical processes of human and exercise metabolism
  • Vascular remodeling in response to exercise
  • Bioavailability and metabolism of cannabis phytochemicals and their effects on both cellular and systemic physiology
  • Psycho-physiological effects of terpenes and terpenoids found in cannabis

On a final yet important note, Jenny fell in love with cycling after moving to Chico, CA in 2011. It transformed her outlook on life, something you can read about on Singletracks.com, where she is a contributing author. She currently shreds trail all over AZ, where she’s lived since 2015. You can follow her on Instagram @jenniferlynncorso or on Facebook @truPhys, as well as LinkedIn.

One thing is for certain – never let students get bored.

Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Cannabis Online Congress: Cannabis – from Analysis to Application. Laborpraxis, Würzburg, Germany. “Moisture Content Determination in Cannabis Inflorescence: Method Development and Optimization.” May 12, 2020. Speaker in conjunction with Conner Griffeth, COO, Level One Labs.

Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA). Town Hall Meeting. The Impact of COVID-19 on Arizona’s Cannabis Industry. April 22, 2020. Panel speaker. Click to watch!

Arizona Department of Health Services. Pesticide toxicology presentation and official recommendations for the Medical Marijuana Program Testing Advisory Council and state rule-making process. December 2019.

Flavorcon 2019, Cincinnati, OH. “The Cannabis Conundrum: To Chase or Erase?” November 12, 2019. Panel Speaker.

Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA). “The Future of CBD in Arizona.” May 15, 2019. Panel speaker.

Women Grow – Phoenix. “The Entourage Effect (According to Science).” March 13, 2019. Speaker.

Women Grow – Phoenix. “Cannabis 201: Bioavailability and Metabolism.” January 8, 2019. Panel speaker.

US Cannabis Conference and Expo. “The World of Edibles and This Misunderstood Market.” October 6, 2018. Panel speaker.

Women Grow – Phoenix. “Terpenes 101.” June 6, 2018. Presentation, sponsored by Arizona Natural Selections.

Gravity Riders Organization of Arizona, Tempe, AZ.  “Arm Pump and Ulnar Neuropathy in Mountain Biking.”  October 27, 2016. Seminar.

American Heart Association Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health 2016 Scientific Sessions, Phoenix, AZ. “Effects of the Walking Interventions Through Texting Trial on Novel Markers of Vascular Stiffness and Remodeling.” March 1-4, 2016. Poster presentation.

Southwest American College of Sports Medicine 35th Annual Meeting. “Lipid oxidation in females during the postexercise recovery period: One vs. two bouts of exercise.” October 16- 17, 2015. Poster presentation.

Chico Masters Cycling Team monthly meeting, “Substrate selection during exercise and recovery.” April 2014. Guest speaker.


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Contributing writer:

  • Arizona Cannabis Monthly (2018-2020)
  • Singletracks.com (2016-2018)
  • Inside Business (2006)
  • Cincy Business (2005-2007).

Favorite Ride:  A 135 mile, 15,000 ft of climbing all-day road ride full of awesome camaraderie and absolutely beautiful scenery through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

Arizona Marijuana Industry Trade Association, Arizona Cannabis Laboratory Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Physiological Society, American Heart Association Council on Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Health, Medicine of Cycling

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