–phys–, root
i. Greek, meaning nature, natural order or functions.
ii. Associated with medicine.

I love truPhys! Jennifer has a well-developed talent for breaking down complex scientific concepts and making them relatable. The accessible, engaging writing makes this blog one I get excited about seeing new posts from. – Vincent, Cyclist in Phoenix, AZ

What makes us jive?

We are all about the truth. Well, the current truth, since we all know science is more of a liquid than a solid. There is a lot of “information” out there – in forums, website after website (you know). What you may not know, however, are the sources and the credentials. Why are we different? We promise to never deliver junk, opinion, or fallacies. Our angle is to review and deliver the most accurate and objective information based on what has been published in well-ranked, peer reviewed scientific journals. Other sources we include are non-profit entities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American College of Sports Medicine and their related literature. Just the facts, as it should be.  We hope you enjoy our articles and learn something new!

As a scientist, I find it refreshing to read well thought out discussions concerning complex issues – especially when the author combines the ability to describe complex topics in easily digestible terms, then follows that up with peer reviewed facts. These are traits that are generally lacking on most of the topics discussed elsewhere. truPhys is changing that. The only bias I’ve found while reading this site is to provide the readers with facts. It gives the reader a clear and concise presentation of reality on topics that tend to get muddled by preconceptions and blatant falsehoods. – Brian, Ph.D., Chemist at Arizona State University

Our mission:

To construct a bridge between the common public and health information published in well-ranked, peer reviewed scientific journals, with the foundational intention to educate. No fluff, no fads, no nonsense.

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