Crank Up the Tunes! How Music Enhances Performance

Air guitar. It’s only proper.

A wealth of scientific study supports the claim that music enhances performance, having a beneficial influence on mental and physiological outcomes during exercise. What is even more interesting is they type of music you choose – fast paced metal or slower, calm jazz, can affect your body in different ways.

We all know what its like to find flow, a highly sought-after state of emotionless bliss – where everything seems to surround the simplicity of pure focus. It’s zen, it’s powerful. Music is one of those “ergogenic aids” that actually promote reaching flow. (For more on flow, check out this cool article.)

It can also promote increased caloric burn and a decreased sense of pain. Further, listening to higher tempo music before you exercise (think: high school pep-rally) can boost positive thought and motivation, which leads to better focus during activity. All of these benefits can lead to increased endurance or power output.

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We’ve even included a playlist comprised of songs recommended by our readers!

That being said, crank up some Metallica!


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