We Can’t All Go to Fancy Yoga Classes

Yesterday, I was pretty excited and surprised to hear that TIME picked up an article Dr. Siddhartha Angadi and I co-wrote in 2015.

The original article was written for Zocalo Public Square, a non-profit, intellectual “Ideas Exchange” that blends journalism and live events. They solicited our expertise as contribution to a collaborative discussion focusing on the issue of socioeconomic separation of access to higher-quality exercise facilities. This is a large issue in the United States. However, as we state in our portion of this dialogue, “Exercise is potent and virtually “free” medicine that delivers health benefits independent of education level, financial status, or body size.” With the risks associated with developing cardiovascular disease more pronounced in low-income populations, the content of this article reaching as many individuals as possible is ever more important.

This is one of those instances where I applaud journalism. There is a large discrepancy in communication when it comes to research/current scientific knowledge, and reaching the common person. To see an article written by researchers published in two public outlets is great (and also is the underlying purpose of my blog… for real, current health science to reach the common individual… the people we are trying to positively affect in the first place).

Here it is. Our article in TIME.

When I began working in the lab last summer as Dr. Angadi’s doctoral student at Arizona State University, I definitely:

1. Hit the ground running,
2. Assumed a steep learning curve (going from biochemistry to cardiovascular disease research), and
3. Realized I had big shoes to fill.

The challenge was great and welcome, and it was nice to see some payoff. Twice!

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