Cannabis and Performance

Let’s face it… pot is in the political spotlight and the needs of the many are winning. As worldly clinicians tout the legitimacy of its use for treating conditions such as epilepsy and others remain afraid of its stereotypes, the freedom to choose to use is beginning to rumble loudly. Many questions remain about when, where and how much, but scientific attempts are being made to legitimize its clinical benefits and becoming more respected with each sunrise.

Teal Stetson-Lee

Teal Stetson-Lee, Nevada’s first cannabis-backed professional athlete. Photo © Marcello Rostagni, 2017

The opened umbrella of medicine has a lot of room for research beneath it, the vast array covering everything from infectious disease to toxins, and of course, physical activity. We marry preventative techniques with outcomes, pills to solutions, supplements to training gains and so forth. So naturally, we must ask the following question: Does consuming cannabis effect your performance?

The answer may not be so simple (or legal for that matter), but we do like attempting the complicated conundrums. For our professional conclusion, check out our article on cannabis and performance, written exclusively for

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