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Promoting those who lead by example – an index of links to businesses and information with a high-quality, honest reputation in the world of health and sport.  Interested in collaborating?  Send us an email at



Bikologi:  Looking for the bike of your dreams?  Check out Bikologi, founded by Brian Sweat of Park City, Utah.  This visual bike builder allows riders to find the best bike for their goals and interests, and also allows shops to open up their customer base.  Good stuff!


Cyclologic: The mission of Cyclologic is to develop world class technology, educational programs, and retail solutions for the cycling industry, and the individual cyclist. Both aspects of the business are located in a dedicated – first of its kind – independent training & retail facility in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Herbold LLC

David Herbold Web Services: David Herbold is a freelance web designer and developer with extensive experience assisting both new and established small businesses, and full on megaCorp® industrial behemoths get their online experience controlled, configured, and ready for premiere marketing and sales.


Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, Arizona State University:  For good reason, truPhys has a soft spot for ASU.  The research being produced in this lab is second-to-none, focusing on chronic and lifestyle diseases, nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle modification, and kinesiology. The faculty are nationally recognized for their science, producing well-revered, collaborative studies in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic, University of Arizona, and many others of equal caliber.

HUG Clinic

The HUG Clinic: The Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ultrasound), Physical Therapy Assisting and Respiratory Care programs at GateWay Community College in Phoenix, AZ, teamed up to introduce a pro-bono clinic for students and members of the greater Phoenix community. Healthcare United at GateWay (HUG) Clinic is a community service learning project for students in the respective programs. The HUG Clinic recently expanded its services to include free pulmonary maintenance exercises for individuals with lung disease.


McDonell Media:  Pia McDonnel is a professional photographer who’s love for sport and nature shine through in her images.  She specializes in shooting professional and amateur sports, to include Crankworx, Red Bull, and Los Angeles Karting Association events, along with other special events.  If you’re looking for a talented photographer, be sure to check out her work… very, very impressive!


Output Performance Optimization/Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy (PACE):  Stephen Merz, founder of Output Performance Optimization, holds more than 10 years in the cycling and endurance sports indursty.  With PACE, Stephen “specializes in optimizing and improving the primary human systems & pathways involved in endurance athletics. Previous relationships with vendors and top clients such as Trek Bikes, USAT, and Cyclologic of Scottsdale.”

Rolling Home Media: Scott Cotter and his wife, Diane Southwick, take their passion for storytelling to a whole new level. Traveling around the country in their RV, they’re on an endless search for breathtaking video and images. Together they produce regular footage highlighting the mountain bike culture through Trail TV, taking their audience to the great towns and singletrack they discover while on their journey.  Scott is also a regular contributor to (and someone truPhys has been fortunate enough to work with!) Check out their stuff – you won’t be disappointed!


Superissimo: was curated in 2013 by two passionate cyclists who, while a country apart, worked together to contrive, create, market and blend their own passions and understandings of cycling into the web-based stew of information, classic respect and insights on what it is to be a professional in the sport. The USA domestic Team Superissimo contests a full schedule of races to include San Dimas Stage Race, Redlands Bicycle Classic, Tour of the Gila, Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, and Reading 120, and in addition, select early season Arizona regional events of course like Valley of the Sun and Tucson Bicycle Classic.  In addition, the website design and content was developed by David Herbold Web Services, mentioned above.


Weights & Plates:  The goal of Robert Santana, MS, RD, CSCS, and company founder, is “to educate on the importance of healthful eating and the development of muscular strength.”  Using the scientifically-based platform of barbell strength training proposed through Mark Rippetoe’s linear progression model, with the addition of well-applied biomechanics and techniques, Weights & Plates has been given our seal of approval for its evidence-based trustworthiness and results.

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