Coaching and Education


Are you looking for a training program, coaching or dietary consultation? Would you like to request a seminar or workshop for your athletes or organization?  

truPhys strives to deliver services that are founded on the latest research and best practices to promote better health and performance outcomes. We offer:

  • Coaching and training prescriptions
  • Health, nutrition and lifestyle consulting
  • Seminars and guest presentations
  • Magazine authorship
  • Content and copywriting

Please click here to fill out our short questionnaire and submit a request.


  • Monthly consultation and coaching rates (plus one $40 initial consultation fee):
    • Monthly: $75
    • Bimonthly: $100/month
    • Weekly: $150/month
    • Biweekly: $200/month
  • Individual consultation and coaching: $40/hr.
  • Prescriptions and training status will be reviewed and updated each time we touch base, either by email, phone, messenger, or whatever works for you. Communication is the foundation for success, so feel free to reach out anytime.
  • Seminars and guest appearances will be billed at $40/hr.
  • Fees for content and copywriting will be based on word length and topic.



  1. Are your rates fixed? We are always willing to be negotiable, dependent on the needs/goals of the client. Please reach out with any questions you may have.
  2. What are your credentials?  Jennifer holds an MA in Exercise Physiology as well as a BA in Journalism – with a slew of formal education in chemistry, research design and analysis.  Her practical application of personal training, exercise testing and prescription are top notch.  Please visit our Author page to learn more.
  3. Are in-person consultations, coaching, and personal training sessions available?  For those living in the greater Phoenix area, yes! If you live north or south (Flagstaff, Prescott, Tucson, etc), reach out to us anyway – we will do what we can to meet you in person.


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