Sports Injuries

From ulnar palsy to suture care
Anatomy and physiology of sport-related injury, with analysis and information regarding treatment and rehab.

The Psychological Influences of Arm Pump

We’ve spoken about this topic before, and for good reason. Have you ever rock climbed? How about mountain biked or participated in motocross? You’ve probably suffered from chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) in your forearms – the medical name for arm pump. In reality, the physiological onset isn’t purely a…

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Thermoregulation, Part II: Training in the Cold

A few months ago, truPhys  published a comprehensive article discussing the mechanisms behind physiological body temperature maintenance, the positives and negatives of training in hot environments, and how carefully doing so can benefit performance.  But… now it’s January.  And unless you live in New Zealand or a region a bit closer…

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Mountain Biking Injuries: Wear Some Armor!

First, I’ve very much enjoyed writing for – what a cool opportunity to provide some real science to an audience that deserves it.  My latest article: You Need to Wear Body Armor: The History of Mountain Biking Injuries. It’s definitely appropriate.  I’ve sustained some pretty decent bodily damage because I choose to incorporate cycling…

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Freeride Mountain Biking: Mind the Rampage

Our Red Bull Rampage article was featured on! Check it out here (scroll down), or there – whichever you prefer! Psyche and injury are undoubtedly connected.  Throw in the stresses associated with an intense sporting event and a fine line develops between victory and a potentially deleterious disaster.  Red Bull Rampage is the extreme…

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