Training, Exercise and Fitness

How activity impacts your health (it’s a good thing!)
Our articles investigate current research on exercise and fitness. Topics center around endurance and strength training, and the effects of nutrition, recovery, and the environment.

Ulnar Neuropathy and Cycling

Have you ever suffered from a loss of feeling in part of your hand after an extended bike ride? Not only is it uncomfortable, but the use of your fingers decreases the longer you continue, which can make shifting and braking difficult.  You may be suffering from a condition known as ulnar neuropathy (also…

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We Can’t All Go to Fancy Yoga Classes

Yesterday, I was pretty excited/surprised to hear that TIME picked up an article Dr. Siddhartha Angadi and I co-wrote in 2015. (WOAH… TIME! WHAT?!) The original article was written for Zocalo Public Square, a non-profit, intellectual “Ideas Exchange” that blends journalism and live events. They solicited our expertise as contribution…

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