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How activity impacts your health (it’s a good thing!)
Our articles investigate current research on exercise and fitness. Topics center around endurance and strength training, and the effects of nutrition, recovery, and the environment.

Is Aspirin an Ergogenic Aid?

Ergogenic \ˌər-gə-ˈje-nik\ adjective:  To enhance or improve physical performance and recovery, as in ergogenic aid.  Greek: ergon, to work. People are always searching a way to boost their performance.  Over the past decade, the news has been littered with stories about professional athletes’ reliance on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to get ahead, legal or…

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ECG Knowledge Bank – Continuously Updated!

Since beginning employment at Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the physiology behind cardiac dysrhythmias and ECG strips.  The great thing about the gig: each 12-hour shift is different – for those with inquisitive, analytical personalities, it feeds your need. Each day comes with its own challenges.  Even within…

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