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How activity impacts your health (it’s a good thing!)
Our articles investigate current research on exercise and fitness. Topics center around endurance and strength training, and the effects of nutrition, recovery, and the environment.

Mountain Biking is Good for Your Heart!

More words on (I love writing for them!) The cardiovascular improvements associated with exercise are well-known, but what exactly are they, and what makes them so beneficial? In this fun article, I dive into the mechanisms behind the effects of mountain biking on heart health. Cheers! Mountain Biking: It’s Good…

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Antioxidants and Training: Friend or Faux?

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about antioxidants? Probably something along the lines of… beneficial, healthy and great for longevity. These powerful little protectors of cellular structure and function play an important role in physical well-being, especially when obtained naturally from foods such as berries and…

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Thermoregulation, Part II: Training in the Cold

A few months ago, truPhys  published a comprehensive article discussing the mechanisms behind physiological body temperature maintenance, the positives and negatives of training in hot environments, and how carefully doing so can benefit performance.  But… now it’s January.  And unless you live in New Zealand or a region a bit closer…

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