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Mountain Biking Injuries: Wear Some Armor!

First, I’ve very much enjoyed writing for – what a cool opportunity to provide some real science to an audience that deserves it.  My latest article: You Need to Wear Body Armor: The History of Mountain Biking Injuries. It’s definitely appropriate.  I’ve sustained some pretty decent bodily damage because I choose to incorporate cycling…

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Freeride Mountain Biking: Mind the Rampage

Our Red Bull Rampage article was featured on! Check it out here (scroll down), or there – whichever you prefer! Psyche and injury are undoubtedly connected.  Throw in the stresses associated with an intense sporting event and a fine line develops between victory and a potentially deleterious disaster.  Red Bull Rampage is the extreme…

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Is Aspirin an Ergogenic Aid?

Ergogenic \ˌər-gə-ˈje-nik\ adjective:  To enhance or improve physical performance and recovery, as in ergogenic aid.  Greek: ergon, to work. People are always searching a way to boost their performance.  Over the past decade, the news has been littered with stories about professional athletes’ reliance on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to get ahead, legal or…

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