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An up-to-date look at research in the areas of acute illness and chronic disease.

Gluten Sensitivity… Are You for Real?!

If you’re not aware (and I don’t know how you couldn’t be), there has been a huge boom in the gluten-free market: books, celebrities, you name it. And the food products… some marked-up more than 300 percent. According to a recent article published by Dr.’s Glenn Gaesser and Siddhartha Angadi…

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We Can’t All Go to Fancy Yoga Classes

Yesterday, I was pretty excited/surprised to hear that TIME picked up an article Dr. Siddhartha Angadi and I co-wrote in 2015. (WOAH… TIME! WHAT?!) The original article was written for Zocalo Public Square, a non-profit, intellectual “Ideas Exchange” that blends journalism and live events. They solicited our expertise as contribution…

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